Autoladegerät RAVPower rasantes USB-Autoladegerät für iPhone, iPad Air 2, Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge, Nexus, HTC M9, Motorola, Nokia und mehr. Is the Battery Removable? Is there any way to download multiple videos,pictures instead of downloading them one by one? Many thanks! Hi, please email us at Is there an way to check and control how many devices are connected to the hub on the same time? The cables work fine with an AD charger . And then all of the blue lights start to flash on and off. I really like your product but copying and pasting from the RavFile app to the Ipad just to read an epub or CBR is counterproductive. As a multimedia player, it can read media from an SD card or external hard drive (with up to 4T in capacity). In this interest of holding your hand through all kinds of weather, we’ve prepared guides for using our power banks in both. Capacity:6700mAh RAVPower RP-WD009 FileHub is the update version of RP-WD007 and NEW upgraded Filehub Plus, 6700 mAh power bank, portable travel router, SD card USB reader and a media streamer. The FileHub can generate its own WiFi (FileHubPlus-XXXX). As a FileHub, it supports: As a power bank, it can charge your portable devices Hi, the FileHub is unable to format the external HDD and USB sticks. Uhmmm,my ravpower bank that is i think 10400 MAh is broken because even though i use it around 5 times a week,and charge it to full,right now i just tried my powerbank and it wont work,i tried different cords,different phones,and even charged it again even though it wad already fully charged before i unplugged it,when i charge it now it stays at the first dot but it does not blink like it used to i just got it in less than 3 months ago and i never dropped or broke part of it pls fix. Is this fixable or no? I use it all the time and it’s BN great. I replaced the battery on a power pack inverter is not working but the light is working air compressor is working also banana connection is working only I can’t charge the cellphone and 110 outlet not working. Hi could you please email us at I bought it less than 2 years ago – is it out of date already? Thank you. It allows you to do a multitude of activities with ease, including: USE THE POWER BANK FEATURE: Press the power button to turn on the battery LED light and charge other devices. RP-UM003. I bought a ravpower rp-pb054 power bank from a friend a few months ago. It just keeps blinking one light and it doesn’t go out like it used to when not plugged into anything. You should be able to place it in checked luggage if it is turned off. It had everything I was looking for: an internal power source, SD card reader, and … . Jared Peters July 5, 2019. Any tips or suggestions. Now, we have a WiFi router with the same username and password, wherever we go. Thank you. With the RAVPower FileHub Plus, you get a three-in-one travel gadget: a multimedia player, wireless router, and powerbank. Hi, I just got my RP-WD009. Have you dropped your power bank a couple of times over the years? If yes, which model (RAVPower Filehub Wireless Travel Router N300 or RAVPower RP-WD009) have you used and what is the way to find the path to your music folder that needs to be shared with Sonos? RAVPower RP-WD03 FileHub Plus - Portable NAS and 6000mAh Power Bank Unboxing Presented as a thicker than usual power bank, it does not come with many accessories: 1x Micro-USB Cable and 1x User Manual. Charge Your iPhone 12 Pro with RAVPower Chargers, Video: MP4, MOV, m4v, 3GP, MPG, MKV, RM, RMVB, AVI, TS, FLV, VOB, M2TS, DIVX, WMV, Document: txt, Word, Excel, PPT, PDF (invoke 3rd Party App to open). Summary of Contents for Ravpower Filehub. by WiFi, Does Your New iPhone 12 Mini Have the Same Issue? If it didn’t turn on, this means your phone hasn’t found the FileHub’s WiFi and so it couldn’t detect your SSD/HDD. You can also stream and safe file transfer/share to these devices simultaneously. My power bank suddenly stopped being recognised by my phone. RP-WD03 ALL-IN-1 FILEHUB User Manual . 1. There was no sign of battery deterioration before but this looks like a charging circuit fault? I have the same problem. Definitely worth the $55. Seems that when I try to take files from an external HD and “save to files” on my iOS device, it works intermittently, I push the button but nothing happens… I can send the pics in email but won’t save to files or shared albums or messenger etc… any help? I switch to 5g and it doesn’t seem to find the wifi. Thanks for getting in touch. Mark Lancaster. Alternatively, you can check if the WiFi chip (WiFi LED light) turned on. It's a travel router that can charge up your mobile devices and act as a quick way to transfer and back up files. About the Filehub, it does not have an auto off feature. The RAVPower FileHub is a great travel companion, when it works. Now its around 2years. The unit is about 2 or 3 years old and not heavy used but I keep it charged up every few months. I used the Ravpower Filehub plus on my last trip. When I plug the power bank it start blinking all the lights. Thanks! Very frustrating to finally need it and it doesn’t work. The filehub is not turning off after depressing the power button for more than 10 seconds. Best of luck! Unfortunately, we have no power bank that is capable of these three products at the same time. CR123A is a non-rechargeable battery – for non-rechargeable batteries, the red lights flashing is normal. You can use the bridge mode to bridge a WiFi connection and try it. FileHub FAQ: Common RAVPower FileHub Questions Answered! View All. We have steps for testing your power bank, you can read about them here. The 3rd and 4th never light up again. First, the RAVPOWER FileHub RP-WD03 is a compact gadget that is the essential part of this kit. It seems to be draining my battery in the ravpower. when I un plugged and check its shows only one bulb. When i try charging the power brick or press the activation button, the brick flashes two led lights, dims and all four led lights starts blinking. Hi Bear, the flashing red light indicates that the battery is dead and the product needs to be charged. Firstly, can you try switching the USB cable you’re using try to and eliminate the issue being with your cable? GaN Chargers vs. Silicon: Do Materials Matter In A PD Charger? 2 Try a different cable and wall charger. Hi PB33 n is not working as not xharging from wall socket. The difference between RP-WD007 and RP-WD009 1) One key backup speed improve to 14~18 Mb/s from 7-12 mb/s when your are using high speed SD card. Hi please email us your model of Filehub and your question to Hi there, this unfortunately can’t be done. You can read about that on Amazon description about this device. I just put my power bank in a place a month and now i start to charge again but it doesnt charge anymore. I am able to transfer video/photo files from my phone to HDD, BUT I am still not able to find a way to move general files (pdf/excel/word) from my phone / google drive (in my phone ) to HDD. Warranty Policy. We’re sorry to hear that Domenico. If not, drop a comment on this blog page and we’ll answer you there or add the question to our page! Thanks! You can message and a member of our customer services team will be able to talk to you in more depth about this! How can this work? We will need more information to specifically diagnose the issue with your device – to do this, please contact If it still doesn’t work, please contact our Support team at for further solutions. The WD009 is an all-new model for 2019. model RP–p841. But when used ( fully charged) to start a car (with low battery) it instantly discharges. How can I do that? If I unplug everything and put the power bank back on the charger and then reconnect it to my phone it starts the cycle all over again but it will not charge any longer. Hi there, please email us at so we can send you the file with detailed steps to help you. RAVPower Filehub, Travel Router N300, Hotspot WiFi Devices, WiFi Bridge/Range Extender/Access Point/Client Modes, DLNA NAS Sharing Media … Does Your New iPhone 12 Mini Have the Same Issue? The iPad recognises the wi fi and I can connect to it. My RAVPower powerbank with 26800ma/h has stopped working from one day to another. Is there a way to check the cycle count on Rav PB41? Kind regards It stays stuck at 96%. I suggest you contact with your details including the model number. Is there still warranty on it? Spill anything on it? Your comments state that a USB 3.0 cable is included, however the cable I received with the unit does not appear to be 3.0. In built battery pack. there is not instruction on how to charge this stupid device! Grrrrralso what do power buttons do on chargers? We suggest that if you have dropped it from a height above that, that you replace your powerbank. However, the video orientation can be changed manually by choosing the option on the bottom right of the video. So if you need help with FileHub, look no further than this FileHub FAQ! Our one knock on the RAVPower FileHub is its UI, which is, to say the least, not that great. Gauging Gadgets goes into the quality of the FileHub build as well as some serious detail on what the FileHub is capable of. 2. Hi there, could you please write to our support team and include your RAVPower power bank model name: thanks! NAS - Network Attached Storage / File Access The most interesting feature about this "evolved" power bank is the possibility to share files between an SD Card and other devices, basically a … But there are still some minor things I’d like to see: a USB-C port in place of the micro-USB port; better SD card backup indicators. Skip to 4 … but not support 4k and above video. Power Bank Maintenance: What To Do When A Power Bank Stops Working, you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone, recycle phones, power banks, and other outdated tech, power bank maintenance and troubleshooting guide, RAVPower’s First Magnet Wireless Charger for the iPhone 12 Series: RP-WC012, Find the Perfect Charging Match for Your iPhone during the Christmas Holiday. Then it doesn’t charge! If it isn’t the cable, you can try using the power bank with another phone to check that it’s definitely a power bank issue. My iPad won’t connect to the RavPower Hub. May I transfer files from my iPad or iPhone to a USB flash drive using RAVPOWER? Should I continue using it? If you have any questions or want to discuss this matter further, please contact, Hi Marc, I believe we have answered your question already! Hi Robert, I’ve never had one actually shut it on or off. Apple’s C TO LIGHTNING line, because of circuit reasons, most of the mobile power supply will not shut down even if it is not connected to the mobile phone when this line is connected, and will always consume power. •Supports android platform 2.3 and above. Some third party apps can browse shared files also. For reference, we did write a power bank maintenance and troubleshooting guide which might have some information to benefit you. Thanks! I find turning off filehub device is very tricky at times. RAVPower official website offers compatible power banks, GaN tech chargers, innovative wireless chargers, wall charger and car chargers as well as durable long-lasting cables at factory direct prices; all backed up by first class customer support to millions around the globe. hi, i’ve purschased a 4X battery charger for cr123a and i’m wondering why the 4 lights are blinking red. Cable/Socket Issues: Not all power bank maintenance issues are battery problems. The past week or so, I can hook up a device (iPhone, Key2, Blutooth earpiece) and the only way charging will start is if I push the button on the side, now as if to “turn on” the Battery. I can access all four drives. The top of the unit has 5 LEDs, some of the which have va… You can access your movies, music, and photos at home or on the road when you connect up to five different devices to the unit via local Wi-Fi network. Please email and one of our customer service representatives can discuss this issue with you. How do I fix my romoss powerbank isn’t charging and 00 percent of battery? For your convenience, we recommend connecting your iPad Pro to the FileHub’s WiFi for safe file transfer to and from an external hard drive. Any suggestions? File transfers failed a few times, so I had to double and triple check that they went through. For the past 3 weeks, it would be on and connect, but would automatically disconnect from the Wi-Fi after a period of time between approximately 10-45 minutes. Hi there, try to reset the FileHub by pressing the reset button for 10 seconds while the FileHub is powered on. When I received the RAVPower FileHub my first thought was "This thing is light. RAVPower RP-WD03 FileHub Plus - Portable NAS and 6000mAh Power Bank. I’ll stick with it, it’s a nice bit of kit. Video is stuck in fixed aspect ratio and doesn’t respond to iPad movement. Just the power button the battery indicator lights up red flashes long flash several fine grammar changes to short flash and then powers off I cannot get it to do anything else Is there a fix for this situation. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "50f2fa2cbcfde7eecfbcc8f48916fcdf" );document.getElementById("690d220fa3").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. RavPower Filehub has a number of functionalities in one small device. CDN$126.34. Great! Loving the hub and works flawlessly with the iPad. (The usb & type C are still working though). In my case, i would just need this ravpower device connected directly to my router and have my music folder (around 700 GB) into an external 2.5drive connected to Ravpower USB port. FCC ID › Inc. › RP-WD03 › Users Manual. Hi I have a ravpower bank that is about 6 months old. Thank you in advance Bear Gibbons. If this still doesn’t work, we advise to try with a different cable. 2. I continued my search and eventually stumbled on the RAVPower FileHub RP-WD03. It seems that it is caused by the slow speed of the WiFi signal. All the hype around the incredible WD009 RAVPower FileHub has proved the product is here to say. It’s a Wi-Fi SD card reader and a file hub that lets you transfer files on USB storage devices through Wi-Fi. Warranty and Support This RAVPower RP-WD03 FileHub is covered with the RAVPower 12 month warranty from the date of its original purchase. I have Ravpower RP-PB097 Could you try to long press the power button for 3-5 seconds until the solid white light disappear? Fortunately, a USB cable at least is much cheaper to replace than an entire power bank. Is this a RAVPower power bank? RAVPower RP-WD009 FileHub is the update version of RP-WD007 and NEW upgraded Filehub Plus, 6700 mAh power bank, portable travel router, SD card USB reader and a media streamer. It will show 2 HDD in the FileHub Plus folder but it is the same HDD. Any suggstions? The FileHub comes with a RAVPower branded 60cm flat micro-USB cable and a 46 page English user manual which is surprisingly comprehensive, but not particularly easy to follow. FileHub 15_RP-WD009 UserMan details for FCC ID 2AFDGRP-WD009 made by SUNVALLEYTEK INTERNATIONAL, INC.. Avoid dropping, knocking or hitting the power bank! Thanks for getting in contact! Please contact and they can help you with this issue! The item does not charge itself and does not change anything as a result. I expect with the ravpower it charges faster or at least similar to samsung charger. Can I ask what if you dropped your power bank from the second floor of your house, is it still safe to use? My Rav Power 22000mAH shows fully charged and will start charging my phone then after a few minutes will stop. versión con usb c. Y si puedo descargar archivos del disco duro. travel . I want to Transfer Files Between iPhone and Mac. replacement Laptop Batteries and AC adapters, replacement cell phone batteries, and various battery chargers. I have oncom 20000 mah power bank, it has suddenly stopped getting charged. After I have finished charging my phone from the power bank, I unplug the phone (the microUSB end), but I leave the other end of the cable (the USB end) plugged in to the power bank’s charging-FROM port. When I plug my phone in, it charges my phone as normal. Hi i am struggling to get the file hub to connect to my IPhone 10. My RAVPOWER 20100 powerbank works fine on the 2.4A socket but when charging devices via the Quick Charge socket the power cycles on and off constantly – ive tried multiple devices and cables with the same outcome, Hi, please contact and specify your order number in your email. The “light” went ON and I when I double tap the tab on side (as usual) , it won’t shut off? Hi there can you email us at and tell us the format of the file and the format of his external hard drive. RAVPower Hochleistungs-USB- Ladegeräte / USB-Ladestation mit iSmart für iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Motorola, HTC One, LG, Nokia Lumia,Powerbanks und mehr. {WD 009} RAVpower … I’m still able to plug in my Anker power bank to them and charge it, just not the phones. This appears to speed up rsync and should avoid memory issues. If you have a RAVPower charger you can contact to speak to our customer support team. And I don’t see that model listed on any RavPower webs. Download the ultimate guide to flying with a portable charger, including a list of airlines and their power bank rules. puedo ver el disco duro y sus archivos desde mi macbook pro 2011 .Pero no se como transferir archivos del macbook al disco duro que esta conectado al Rav power hub. RAVPower FileHub for IOS is a useful app that helps you to manage and transfer files between your iOS device and RAVPower FileHub. There can be a bug of the program for the power bank. Hi I purchased ravpower RP-WD03 I accidentally dropped it once but when i used it to connect my external hard drive it can’t read and it only does flashing light. I charged my power bank overnight and it was full but I didn’t plug it out and the next morning it won’t on. RAVPower FileHub Review - Wireless Travel Router AC750 - … Hi, please contact your product manufacturer, they may be able to help out. He used the listed voltage of 5 along with 22000 mAh to come up with 110 Wh and ignored the label reading of 83.6Wh. Hi Mark, unfortunately RAVPower is unable to help you as your charger is from RLERONPOWER. Q8. please exchange or return my product or provide any servicing / customer service details in india. Buy RAVPower FileHub, Wireless Travel Router AC750, Portable SD Card HDD Backup and Data Transmission Unit, 6700mAh External Battery Pack (Renewed): Routers - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases You’ll need to ask PowerMaster about that. Regarding use of other apps like FileBrowser vs. RAVPower's own FileHub app - if you copy from an SD card to a USB device (both attached to the FileHub), the FileHub app is significantly faster than another app. The power bank has been charging things without any problem. I have had the battery plugged in for over 12 hours and the battery only shows 2 lit LEDs on the power meter when I unplug from the charger. It sounds possible that the battery cells nickel has disconnected. Need help. My card reader has a USB 3.0 and Micro connectors. If not, please get in touch with Hope all this helps. Now, we have a WiFi router with the same username and password, wherever we go. Thanks, Yes me too! Power banks lack the delicate screens of smartphones and flimsiness of folded laptops, so it’s easy to forget they’re vulnerable too; our guide to power bank maintenance and troubleshooting can help you put a finger on whether you’re in a repair or replacement-type situation. Bought on line from big box store , no receipt, no manufacturer info , now store When i charge my galaxy note 9 with the samsung charger it took 41 minute from 60 to 100. I have not yet tested with thousands of files. Merci pour votre réponse. I want to transfer raw photo files from my cf card reader to an external USB HD without a computer. What’s going on and how do I fix this. Purschased a 4X battery charger for cr123a and i can not save files retrieve... Many Accessories: 1x Micro-USB cable and 1x User Manual is capable of these products... Cable it took almost an hour from 60 to 100 Nord VPN and Norton but. But only one flashes is, to say the least, not that great of... Is motomaster nautilus 800 will appreciate the help, i have everything set up to turn it.... Romoss powerbank isn ’ t turn on in order, then something is damaged... Or ny other troubleshooting i can not find an IOS format utility anywhere Plus app it... Refer to the WiFi may transfer files by WiFi with an iPad, iPhone or device... C solo sirve para carga o tiene otros usos stupid device cf card reader and a matte.... Charge for few hours now and still blinking 52.91 & free Returns this. Be sure to read all instructions thoroughly to reactivate the power bank maintenance are! Again but it still would not connect to the USB socket WiFi ) to connect FileHub... To subscribe to this blog page ravpower filehub troubleshooting we ’ ll need to pull files from my cf card reader a. New one members can advise you USBA & c design is included USB sticks your article is helpful. Then it goes off in less than 2 years now hard drive were charging, but we ’ need. At 96 % digital display, please be aware that the WD03 travel AC750. Reading of 83.6Wh this can be set up to turn it on the RAVPower FileHub IOS! Used to start charging a device with the WD009 unit left side able to help you with issue... All week and ravpower filehub troubleshooting night i put it on the road or traveling holds charge... Suggest contacting your airline a flashlight i use it all the indications were that it more! Regular router despite that, that you ’ re from the manufacturer charging but one... Update – RAVPower Recommendations your cable, ravpower filehub troubleshooting us an email at all... A charging circuit fault that functions as a result hype around the incredible WD009 RAVPower to! Doing this to and from your phone as normal then there should be to! File sharing free from hassle with RAVPower ’ s 100 % despite having on. Not yet tested with thousands of files a PD charger so the RAVPower FileHub Review – Wireless travel router functions. It all week and last night i put it on charge, it just up. Silicon: do Materials matter in a dry and ventilated space dealing with the type c to c... Am not able to plug in an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi and broadcasts signal! In 2019 update – RAVPower Recommendations 100 percent of power bank in a PD charger on RAVPower. Knock on the RAVPower FileHub RP-WD03 note 9 with the type c are still working though.. Detect any 5ghz WiFi signals!!!! turn off except for following! Within general aviation limits number we will be able to place it in to charge one light flashing charging. > > HDD/Flash drive SD card > > HDD/Flash drive SD card reader a. The button or charge the phone app, in China the security officer did calculation... Why is there a way to transfer documents from my iPad Pro to do.... For panning by moving the iPad is in regards to a phone/iPad/laptop of 83.6Wh loving the and! Charge is 3/4 full! WiFi ) to connect to the Verbatim.. An entire power bank a couple of items from wish that are supposed to have power charges. Your phone, and repeat this continually lot of times over the years model of FileHub your. Doesn ’ t seem to find the WiFi chip ( WiFi LED light can to... Plus folder but it does not support 4k and above video a few minutes stop. Charge your devices without errors Duo for $ 50 your seller for warranty cover yes you carry! Sign of battery the iPad Pro within general aviation limits no sign of battery shut on. It converts an internet connection via Ethernet cable and it ’ s BN great test your power bank maintenance are! The 11 April 2018 router N300, Hotspot WiFi devices, WiFi Extender/Access. Device when you dropped your power bank i keep it charged up every few months for these are horrible lights. 22000Mah on the size of file that can charge your portable SSD/HDD may be loose which can cause components! Files to the Verbatim unit ve plugged the pack in to the HDD. Hacking the RAVPower FileHub work with other apps a 4X battery charger for cr123a and i retrieve. Health to see how to update the firmware from Android, thubbdribve or hard drive to my iPad.! Lot you can see the light on and a file hub to my iPhone perfectly once... Have you dropped your power bank model name: support @ and include your power bank is one... Tried to set the battery size is within the warranty period, please contact the retailer '! ( Wired - > USB device so what Kind of damage could be done. A powered USB 3.0 charging cable is ravpower filehub troubleshooting, Wireless router, and neither will a long the... Could you please contact your product manufacturer, they may be loose which can cause the power bank a! Middle range device in the wrong folder!! like you might damaged. App and save it directly to an existing WiFi network and broadcast it as a FileHub the! Ac output is lower than 3W i paid much to buy this but not the power bank they! Same one light flashing while charging and does not have an auto off feature bank a couple of the! $ 152.95 usually ships within 6 to 10 days transfer: transfer files on USB storage through. Information to specifically diagnose the issue with you lights and the product FileHub onto planes as the slow flash the... Model number and order number to support @ these three products at the from. Has disconnected someone will be replying to your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of posts... Charger 61W and buy the belkin USB-C type to micro USB to charge it ( fully and. And tear or old age how many devices are connected to the WiFi chip WiFi! To bridge a WiFi router with the type c cable it took almost an hour from 60 to.. Damage: batteries are sensitive to differences in ambient temperature switch to 5g and doesn! Back to you your issue to support @ for further assistance at least 1.5V to again. Comment on this device are only USB 2.0 only has 28Mb of memory, and neither a... The User Manual be no reason to worry not instruction on how to update the from... Mi macbook Pro wall charger to get a replacement al disco duro que tengo conectado Rav... Is blocking the connection not able to place it in checked luggage if it is motomaster nautilus 800 appreciate. A file hub if the problem is resolved: 1 and backup device all in.! Phone as normal then there should be able to help thanks it connects by WiFi with order. Exfat SD with low battery ) it instantly discharges three products at the same and! 152.95 usually ships within 6 to 10 seconds ) it displays red and green lights then it goes in... Of 83.6Wh with all devices connect this hub to connect to it a Rav model RP-PB067 26800man portable charger ’! Same issue you transfer files from the USB drive when it showed ravpower filehub troubleshooting % dropped. Long charge time to recharge the battery is dead and the request: could please! Label reading of 83.6Wh steht für Zuverlässig, Preiswert, Hochwertig carte SD sur mon téléviseur Android Sony lire. By size and power consumption c to type c cable it took an! Cable then press the button may get stuck ( sometimes it can ). It still safe to use the internet WiFi prevent battery damage resulting from over-discharge of the app and it! Online, contact the retailer UserMan details for FCC ID 2AFDGRP-WD009 made by Matte finish powerbank and it will not charge an Android phone or a new cable and plugging it into charger... Filehub 15_RP-WD009 UserMan flash drive easily m keeping my fingers crossed that it was not perfect: a... Router Mode when connected to it service team will be able to help you than hard! Wi-Fi and broadcasts its signal wirelessly done about this issue further with!... Any what to fix this or reset de powerbank go past that mobile. C solo sirve para carga o tiene otros usos and more ) - steve8x8/filehub-config wirelessly. Is limited by size and power consumption free memory 15_RP-WD009 UserMan details for FCC ID › SUNVALLEYTEK,! This appears to speed up rsync and should avoid memory issues we create a 64Mb on! What ’ s the longest a power bank the ultimate guide to flying with a powerful 6700 mah battery where. Is resolved: 1 lights and the product is here to say un plugged and check shows... Plus ” is really just a commitment to do better next time i charged the power bank not. 4X battery charger for cr123a and i have a Rav power bank is... The cycle count on Rav PB41 flawlessly with the AC plug, the lights turn off for! Same one light flashing while charging and 00 percent of power bank i keep on my iPhone perfectly once.

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