In Terraform 0.10 there will be a new setting workspace_key_prefix on the AWS provider to customize the prefix used for separate environments (now called "workspaces"), overriding this env: convention. The way I'm handling this is defining the backend without the "key" parameter. We want collaboration between the 3rd party's devs and our guys easy so Terraform variables can be defined within the infrastructure plan but are recommended to be stored in their own variables file. backend "azurerm" { writing the keys into configurations or state. In the example above project1 might not even have staging... and project2 might have unit/regression/load-testing/staging phases leading to production release. encrypt = "true" The order below is also the order in which variable values are chosen. Complete Step 1 and Step 2 of the How To Use Terraform with DigitalOcean tutorial, and be sure to name the project folder terraform-flexibility, instead of loadbalance. Five hundred upvotes don't make sense for the Terraform team to implement this feature. I know a +1 does not add much but yeah, need this too to have 2 different buckets, since we have 2 AWS accounts. Hi, Trying to run terraform block with variables like so, terraform { That way we We have a project that is being developed by a 3rd Microservices are better versioned and managed discretely per component, rather than dumped into common prod/staging/dev categories which might be less applicable on a per-microservice basis, each one might have a different workflow with different numbers of staging phases leading to production release. AWS RDS has a deletion_protection option that is easy to set. Can you close, please? Variables may not be used here. This pattern lets you build additional ops tooling into a docker image (ex. Is it even on your feature/sprint/planning/roadmap or just a backlog item only? Thought I'd offer up a work around I've used in some small cases. Reference: My use case is very much like @weldrake13's. Note: For brevity, input variables are often referred to as just "variables" or "Terraform variables" when it is clear from context what sort of variable is being discussed. terraform variables may not be used here. Some things work in Terraform version 0.11 that do not work in version 0.12. terraform apply -var region=”eu-west-1” It's over 4 years since #3116 was opened, I think we'd all appreciate some indication of where this is? could have replaced it via our key vault secrets as we do the others but at the expense of developer convenience when cloning the repo and having to Extract the binary to a folder. I felt there should be a higher level abstraction of each environment such as a folder (terragrunt) or docker image (cloudposse). This use case is pretty straight forward, you can just set the environment variables once and everything will be able to connect. Looking at my ‘terraform.tfvars’ file I declare specific variables that are applied to my deployment. A single terraform.tfvars file (automatically loaded by Terraform commands) with all generic variable values, which do not have customized or environment-specific values. outputs on the other hand are evaluated near the end of a TF life cycle. This is covered pretty well in the Hashicorp Docs here (single page read <5 minutes) and if you have a LinkedIn Learning account check out my Terraform course “Learning Terraform“.. Feature request. We want collaboration between the 3rd party's devs and our guys easy so the securing of the state file's storage account would have been a lot easier if it was just allowed to be replaced by a variable. I need to be able to re-run tests over and over. storage_account_name = var.statefile_storage_account Terraform installed on your local machine and a project set up with the DigitalOcean provider. The wrapper script is called init-terraform, which injects the appropriate values into terraform init through the -backend-config flags. Can we get an answer as to why this is not supported? I'll also assume that you're familiar with two versions of Terraform (the one you're using, and the one you're migrating to), and how to use the terraform command in general. Deploying the HA AKS cluster. By deploying lightweight agents within a specific network segment, you can establish a simple connection between your environment and Terraform Cloud which allows for provisioning operations and management. the costs of running a vm just to deploy with terraform. Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. If it works for you then "it is" the best solution. We have started to see Terraform as being difficult to secure and this » Assigning variables. in backend config, but its simple. Is it still waiting on the proposal mentioned in this comment, #4149 ? -backend-type=s3 , -backend-type=kubernetes , etc.. I don’t represent the hashi team but following this thread and others for awhile I don’t believe there’s any disagreement in its benefit, terraform team is slowing working its way towards it (hcl2 consuming a large part of those 3 years and now working on better support for modules). Terraform variables. terraform-compliance is providing a similar functionality only for terraform while it is free-to-use and it is Open Source. Have a basic understanding of how to use Terraform and what it does. It configures the AWS provider with the given variable. This way we could keep all the traffic on the private network. By clicking “Sign up for GitHub”, you agree to our terms of service and Any planned changes? (Which is fine for my use case; not sure about others.). on line 11, in terraform: 11: key = var.statefile_name. Or we even created a parser script that translated defined backend.config variables in the terraform into backend config cli params (based on env variables) maintaining declarative benefit and ide integration. While it seems like this is being worked on, I wanted to also ask if this is the right way for me to use access and secret keys? I didn't find any dependencies of variables processing from backends in the documentation. Thus the engine is running and interpolation is supported. "Variables may not be used here" for `prevent_destroy`, ministryofjustice/cloud-platform-terraform-rds-instance#48. In the end this feature would be hugely helpful, only wanted to provide another perspective on the “long fight” verbiage. The reason this works is due to Terraform variable values (and providers) do not support interpolation. Create a variables file, for example, and open the file for edit.

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