get() method … I am still unable to get the result i need. How can we do this as when I tried to pass the URL parameter using simple javascript like the below … The From splashscreen control … There’s a question mark at the start, then the variable name – value pairs follow, separated by ampersands (&). Solved: I'm actually using html code to pass parameters to powerapp to do some filtering, but when I embed my canvas I'm getting "404 Not URL shorteners variable parameters - How to pass URL parameters (variables) to the destination URL You can pass URL parameter values to your tracking destination URL using the options available in ClickMeter. Can you please tell me how i can pass and access the parameter in the querystring ? GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Example: src="[first]=John&studentName[last]=Doe& " Les paramètres height et width de la balise ,