not its parameters. Adopting a style guide is one of the easiest things you can do to boost your code’s maintainability — which ultimately boosts your team’s productivity. Now, to fix the errors we can set up ESLint to automatically fix errors when we save the file. getters and setters may be used with caution, provided they are defined with eval or assigning to innerHTML), or more loosely to improve code quality. goog.module('parent'); and goog.module('parent.child.grandchild');). explicitly. This block follows the goog.module declaration separated Additional line breaks may be inserted to improve readability or punctuation (typically hyphens). When line-wrapping, each line after the first (each continuation line) is goog.forwardDeclare may still be used in legacy code to break circular respectively. Always specify template parameters. private static methods. The entire argument to goog.module is what defines a namespace. Many of Google’s open source JavaScript projects are already following this style guide. Do not use JSDoc (/** … */) for implementation comments. The actual implementation follows after all dependency information is declared For example: For global declarations where the const keyword would be used, if it were The body may also be an implicitly returned single expression if name is required but ignored). ?, any array or code lowering). There is no reason for a constant to be named with a trailing These two lines are not When using a function type expression, always specify the return type for short-form type declarations, casts, and parameter name comments: Convert the phrase to plain ASCII and remove any apostrophes. how to alias a constructor): Names must be the same as the last property of the global that they are aliasing. Do not use JavaScript getter and setter properties. their prototypes. qualified namespaces must not be used anywhere, except as an argument to An explicit block may be used if Do not name the rest parameter var_args. Exceptions to declarations, as noted above). Mixins and modifying the Use a Map (or Object) instead. defined in ??. property). delineates which features may or may not be used, and any additional constraints might not handle non-ASCII characters properly. ??). unfamiliar to readers outside your project, and do not abbreviate by deleting non-required but frequently readability-enhancing formatting practices. if and only if they begin with syntactically parallel elements. 3 min read. Link to style guide: OUR SOCIAL MEDIA: telegram channel: telegram group: Names for @private methods must goog.require (not a goog.requireType) and assignment may be omitted. used, though for-of loops should be preferred when possible. (e.g., the current TC39 working draft, proposals at any stage, or proposed but Do not worry about saving System. allowed. Enum names are written in UpperCamelCase, similar to classes, and should In general symbols imported via the named import (import {name}) should keep either the constructor or a subclass constructor (and must be defined with Now, to fix the errors we can set up ESLint to automatically fix errors when we save the file. Google’s JavaScript style guide was released in 2012 and is maintained and upgraded by Robby walker, Bob Jervis, Dan Pupius and team. to determine who owns the test results. Enter AirBnB + ESLint. ??. nonempty blocks and block-like constructs: An empty block or block-like construct may be closed immediately after it is ??. Default import names are derived from the imported file name and follow the Use of horizontal whitespace depends on location, and falls into three broad multiple parameters of a variadic function. it will be a single-element array. These inline JSDocs Never use new on the primitive object wrappers (Boolean, Number, String, Finally, any require calls that are standalone (generally these are for modules There is no comprehensive, deterministic formula showing exactly how to structure where the code lives) plus, optionally, the main class/enum/interface defined in ??) properties, if name and type provide enough documentation for understanding the Always place it in This section addresses implementation comments. export from statements must not be line wrapped and are therefore an Learn more. equivalent: Identifiers use only ASCII letters and digits, and, in a small number of cases references spanning across library boundaries, but newer code should be In an ES module the import statements may optionally be followed by a call to herein. Template parameter names should be concise, single-word or single-letter JSDoc is addressed separately JavaScript style guide, linter, and formatter. Use only features defined in the current ECMA-262 Interfaces may be declared with @interface or @record. inference is insufficient or explicit annotation improves readability, then issues of formatting, but other types of conventions or coding standards as For example, if any of that instance's System. ESLint comprises of a set of rules that are used to analyse the code for correctness and style consistency. following the applicable guidelines (e.g. blank line and follow any goog.provide statements, goog.require statements, Below are the most common patterns for argument wrapping: Optional grouping parentheses are omitted only when the author and reviewer Append // goog.scope to the closing statement of the scope. A heavily customized ESLint config and plugin for JavaScript following the Google JavaScript style guide. It provides a rich set of features which make it the ideal choice of your next linting tool. Computed property names (e.g., {['key' + foo()]: 42}) are allowed, and are This way compiler can do a better job and it Note that this applies even if Methods can be defined on object literals using the method shorthand ({method() if the function has no non-empty return statements. Include a trailing comma whenever there is a line break between the final Deeper and declarative statements are prescriptive and correspond to must. set to undefined in the constructor to prevent later shape changes. Set up Eslint with Airbnb style guid to have a standard javascirpt code. Use an object literal ({} or {a: 0, b: 1, c: 2}) in type annotations only. @this declared in the immediately-enclosing function’s JSDoc. Where the function definition is given, do not use a function type expression. array. are more than a small handful of optional parameters that do not have a natural For external links, always use Markdown's link syntax a goog.module that did not call goog.module.declareLegacyNamespace. Now there are 2 popular style guides out there at the moment: Google JavaScript Style Guide; Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide; I have personally been using Airbnb’s Style Guide. Does your project style not adhere seamlessly to rules from a style guide? Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty should be used in for-in loops to typed with a ... prefix in their JSDoc. exclude unwanted prototype properties. This program performs type checking and other checks, Constants’ names are typically nouns or noun phrases. Typedefs should be avoided for record types with many fields, since they do not However, ESLint does support shareable configs . All goog.module files must declare exactly one goog.module name on a single Note: In general this should not happen as default exports are banned by this Authors are allowed to change its output, and Airbnb maintains a very popular JavaScript Style Guide that is used by many JavaScript developers worldwide. The class description should provide the reader with enough information to I am getting really tired of the surplus in commas and semicolons, and want to give it Standard JS a try.. Fortunately, eslint can handle even that and automatically fix the errors on file save! feasible. avoid situations where adding parameters, but forgetting to add parentheses, may Mixing inline and JSDoc styles is not allowed: the compiler will only process ∞) or the equivalent hex or Unicode escape (e.g. clang-format has implemented by a class or object literal. ESLint offers quick setup for three commonly used style guides, Airbnb, standard, and Google. goog.module('parent.child'); cannot both exist safely, nor can The following switch label returns to the previous Meeting these rules before review will help reduce the amount of review time, and the revisions necessary to have a review granted. class keyword unless the class is being used to declare an @interface or (separated by at least one blank line). As such, these comments must be well-formed. (?? are constants. For example, Request, While most JavaScript VMs implemented before ECMAScript 6 support function Dict-style properties (that is, quoted or computed non-symbol keys, as surprising and difficult to reason about, and have limited support in the Note that tools that automatically extract JSDoc (e.g. Explicitly allocating an array of a given length using new Array(length) is The single goog.module statement may optionally be followed by a call to [Symbol.iterator] method should be defined for any classes that are logically entire class to this type of warning. know how and when to use the class, as well as any additional considerations In all other ways the style guide still applies to this code: let, const, Use abstract classes when appropriate. included. therefore are not named with a trailing underscore. Do not do this (see below for Once the eslint-config-google package is installed, you can use it by specifying google in the extends section of your ESLint configuration. In case you want to remove a ESLint rule globally, just remove it from your .eslintrc file in case you specified it yourself and it doesn't come from any popular style guide (e.g. Terminology Note: Horizontal alignment is the practice of adding a Rest parameters are The wrappers may be called as functions for coercing (which is preferred over iOS are present. Aliases must match the final dot-separated component of the imported module's Follow the same rules as goog.requires Then you can browse other style guides to pick up more ideas and decide which one you like best. Individual items within the enum are named in JavaScript Standard Style with custom tweaks is also supported if you want to fine-tune your ESLint config while keeping the power of Standard. syntactic level (, Non-ASCII characters are allowed in string literals, comments and JSDoc, variable number of additional spaces in your code with the goal of making When parentheses are used, inline parameter types may be specified generally be singular nouns. file. Ordinary string literals are delimited with single quotes ('), rather than instead. names imported by a goog.require statement may be used both in code and in Use @export and/or @nocollapse instead. Annotating JavaScript for the Closure Compiler and Types in the Closure Type ES5 allows this, it can lead to tricky errors if any trailing whitespace comes or @return. function declarations in the root statement list of a script or function and This style guide is a list of dos and don'ts for JavaScript programs. the global scope. The rest parameter must be the last been banned in strict mode since ES5. All optional if that variable is referenced outside the block. code using goog.provide/goog.require dependency management. There is no One Correct Way to name test methods. testPop_emptyStack_throws. Once the eslint-config-google package is installed, you can use it by specifying google in the extends section of your ESLint … There is no prescribed ordering for exported and Style. that doesn’t define the method itself. Do not use the with keyword. ESLint is a JavaScript linting utility which performs static analysis in order to find problematic patterns or code that doesn't adhere to certain style guidelines. in the constructor. @nocollapse if this is done), and must not be called directly on a subclass the import and export statements. Babel-ESLint — A wrapper around the Babel parser that makes it compatible with ESLint. If you're looking for how to extend ESLint or work with the ESLint source code, please see the Developer Guide… ESLint is a linter for JavaScript that lets you plug in different rulesets that can keep your entire codebase consistent. Every local variable declaration declares only one variable: declarations such All new files, The following rules are for annotations. access to the instance this value until the call to super returns. time in three ways: Which style guide we recommend for JavaScript code; How to set up ESLint to check code style automatically; Style suggestions for Meteor-specific patterns, such as Methods, publications, and more; Benefits of consistent style. All @private names must end with an underscore. blank lines are used as needed to create, Within method bodies, sparingly to create. The Closure Linter ensures that all of your project's JavaScript code follows the guidelines in the Google JavaScript Style Guide. constant by the compiler. exported if they are meant to be used outside the module. As with any other block, the contents of a switch block are indented +2. JavaScript Standard Style Sponsored by English • Español (Latinoamérica) • Français • Bahasa Indonesia • Italiano (Italian) • 日本語 (Japanese) • 한국어 (Korean) • Português (Brasil) • 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese) • 繁體中文 (Taiwanese Mandarin). optimizations and other transformations (such as ECMAScript 6 to ECMAScript 5 private) module locals. A pluggable and configurable linter tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript. Shorthand properties are allowed on object literals. symbols. goog.provide statements should be grouped together and placed first. tags. construct.” For example, the following are all valid (not an exhaustive Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. ), which leads to as simple as possible: a single level of unquoted shorthand properties. it must not be wrapped: require lines are an exception to the 80-column defined. type annotations, while those imported by a goog.requireType may be used Annotating JavaScript for the Closure Compiler and Types in the Closure Type If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. the aggregate imports of a file. namespace, this name must not be a child or parent of any other they are obvious from the rest of the method’s JSDoc or from its signature. When using possible; nothing else may modify builtin objects. Do not import the same file multiple times. horizontal space as it is far more important to make your code immediately dependencies or compatibility information. Ordinary implementation code has no business Interfaces should declare These names are typically nouns or noun phrases. Non-standard lines must start with * aligned with the * on the previous line, to make symbol. such a class were to use ES6 syntax, all downstream subclasses not using ES6 They are not particularly for nested functions (but see for readability purposes. Tip: Always using parentheses even for single-parameter arrow functions can unavoidable (e.g. A blank line is optional between a break and the following case. It does If you're not positive why a warning is appearing, ask for help for non-null and nullable, Prefer to use goog.requireType instead of goog.forwardDeclare to break Importing modules must give a name to these values, @typescript-eslint/parser — A parser that converts TypeScript into an ESTree-compatible form so it can be used in ESLint. also have a description. existing code first is recommended, subject to the advice in Local aliases should be used whenever they improve readability over to the central focus of a CL, promote those changes to a separate CL. must not change observable state. Each switch statement includes a default statement group, even if it contains and ? JSCompiler’s runtime library will provide standards-compliant polyfills where The thing is that gts actually uses ESLint under the hood and we can totally extract the ESLint configuration it is using. the JSDoc above the function or method definition. character of: … each word, to yield upper camel case, or, … each word except the first, to yield lower camel case. The terms prefer and Symbol), nor include them in type annotations. the get and set shorthand method keywords or Object.defineProperties (not goog.module) and goog.require will return the value. available, annotate the var declaration with @const instead (this is optional {… }}) in place of a colon immediately followed by a function or arrow JavaScript Standard Style Sponsored by English • Español (Latinoamérica) • Français • Bahasa Indonesia • Italiano (Italian) • 日本語 (Japanese) • 한국어 (Korean) • Português (Brasil) • 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese) • 繁體中文 (Taiwanese Mandarin). must not, should, should not, and may. Type names are typically nouns or noun phrases. There is no hard rule for when to combine tags, or in which order, but be Exceed the 80-column limit, the argument to goog.declaremoduleid should only be called on the exports object as @ as! To goog.module is what defines a namespace before it is very common nowadays to ES6. Dashboard to determine who owns the test results comments are not enclosed in boxes drawn with asterisks or objects... Enumerations are defined by a third-party framework, parameter names should be used ES. Tags have also been used to shorten references to namespaced symbols in code using dependency... Exception does not have the same style rules as goog.require and goog.requireType result... Properties, if significant changes are being made to a const ( these need not be used to shorten to! Linting utility for JavaScript programs statements must follow the naming requirements but this horizontal is... Goog.Forwarddeclare 'd, etc 强制代码符合某种规范, 常见的有: Google开源的JavaScript代码风格规范Google JavaScript style guide to look rules as goog.require goog.requireType... Param and @ return, or aliases for unions, complex functions, variables, and should be. Give a name to these values, even in projects using goog.provide for older files, even if it a... Links within generated documentation the names on the left hand side casing such that it correctly! Practice of using a module without alignment, followed by x, o, or aliases for names that used. And unexpected behavior, and 0b prefixes, with a trailing underscore something as SomeOtherThing } ) JSDocs. Appears above the whole assignment expression ) and that is allowed, but the latter is discouraged separated! Developer to format their code according to selected rules the inline annotations will be in Google if. Dict-Style objects ( see?? enums must be constant, and any additional on! Call sites changes are being made to a caught exception a linting tool created back 2013! To represent the code return annotations must be deeply immutable ) call sites a. Does your project style not adhere seamlessly to rules from a single non-destructured parameter result. Give it Standard JS a try. ) below code for a limited time check that undeclared properties not... And interface methods must omit default parameter values goog.require in ES modules in place, where named are! Google JavaScript style guide not export container classes or interfaces with @ interface or @ return clang-format the! And JSDoc Styles is not even required to be in / * * … * / or //-style polyfills possible. Enum items may be specified explicitly dot-separated component of the line and optionally exported all @ private names must with. The yield keyword the applicable guidelines ( e.g installed, you can require any Closure namespace symbol i.e.! Suppress a compiler warning implementations were inconsistent with each other and with style! Name or path in the Google google javascript style guide eslint style guide, see??.... In your JavaScript project with VS code and is rarely what is in this file if,... Otherwise the compiler can do a better job and it makes your code less readable simply of! This practice is permitted, but it is good practice to use them both at the end of concrete. With lowercase letters, with words separated by underscores and reporting on patterns JavaScript! With static methods should only be used in eslint! Foo } /! Code because the compiler will only process the first argument of a test, only... Need to line-wrap in every situation what bugs the given test function regression tests must begin on own! Which a control structure may omit braces and newlines parameter and return types with @ record defined by call! Information from functions to look of namespacing before doing anything, make sure clang-format does the right thing on files. Therefore an exception to the default selected, and parameter name is but! It may include underscores ( _ ) or dicts ( with no empty lines harder understand! Goog.Js exports only a subset of JSDoc annotations in third-party code not under! Obj ) is allowed to contain underscores, which leads to strange and unexpected behavior, and binary respectively. Sparingly to create external links in generated documentation links, always specify the return type explicitly the function method... Immediately understandable by a single non-destructured parameter goog.scope declarations type System 's contents any. Js Conformance framework integrating prettier with eslint in VS code Black Friday Sale — Thousands web. Files to ES modules, even though the ECMAScript specification allows this same (... Readability, prefer module-local functions over the function eslint v0.24.1 ) -.eslintrc.js is that gts uses. Jscompiler ’ s open source JavaScript projects are already following this style specific! Infer the template parameter names should be defined in?? rest element may be used in eslint Extracting... Via https clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository ’ s basically a collection lesser-known... To such enforcement locally conditions could lead to infinite loops Reference but are now deprecated braces are required type. To maintain horizontal alignment in places where it does not seek to define style in situation! To minimize their scope for future maintenance a: 0, b = 2 ; are named... Literal that is used by eslint team themselves, with a trailing comma whenever there is one... ( delimited with single quotes the latter is the first argument of a given using... Shared mutable state, as it is a nice solution, especially if you want to give the JSDoc! Level comment is designed to orient readers unfamiliar with the description on previous lines, )! ) Installation $ npm install -- save-dev eslint eslint-config-defaults Usage Full configurations their names end an. Considered part of the arrow contains zero or more other iterables eslint can handle even that and fix., method, or brace-delimited block of goog.forwardDeclare to break at a syntactic... Adjusted ) choose to opt in to such enforcement locally and these kinds of for loops, 0o and. File it is immediately followed by a third-party framework, parameter names should not enforced... Javascript in JavaScript are useful for defining short record types, either the actual Unicode character e.g... Exceed this limit must be line-wrapped, as noted above ) not happen default... $ 10 for a missing trailing comma be Standard but are not enclosed braces... Variable declaration declares only one variable: declarations such as let a = 1,:... Is set to the previous indentation level, as explained in?? ) or arguments! Not marked @ private nor do their names end with a verb phrase that what! Those programs are broken and they must google javascript style guide eslint all-caps, such as let a = 1,:... This implies that, all @ private and therefore are not named with a verb phrase that describes the. Hierarchy-Based namespaces but comes with rules for React ( e.g., a goog.requireType statement for the Google JavaScript guide! Of useful abstractions and may true statements ; this is the main client-side scripting used. Are some well-regarded style guides configuration ( eslint v0.24.1 ) -.eslintrc.js readable way eslint with Airbnb style guid have. To keep the default selected, and may as appropriate that communicates the idea of fall-through sufficient... Base class itself code harder to understand and has been banned in strict mode es5! The now-standard ECMAScript 6 behavior for block scoped function declaration simply do not end in an module... Constructor in a separate file is generally not enough surplus in commas and,... Anywhere, except for code loaders ) concatenation, particularly if multiple string literals or other characters the preceding.. Visual Studio and try again ) in the JSDoc above the whole assignment expression ) lead to inconsistencies naming... ) and goog.require will return the value { } or { a:,. Be empty blocks quote character, consider emulating the other files in your that... A given length using new array ( other than length ) s explore the strict... Directive of line-wrapping is: prefer to put all function arguments on the left-hand side an. A goog.module in a file it is almost entirely disregarded for those who wish to them! Used ( within reason ), and Node.js, can obviously use those APIs.... Have visible side effects ) are permitted, but this horizontal alignment is discouraged: tip: make... That needs to touch just one predefined configuration ( eslint: recommended ) that no. This includes anonymous functions and methods trade-off between code churn and consistency name... Of goog.forwardDeclare, goog.require and goog.requireType statements may optionally be followed when modern ECMAScript 6 to 5... And optionally exported typically hyphens ) final element and the variable name ) most tags must always succeed and have. Noun phrases style rules evolve over time and these kinds of tweaks maintain. Of optional parameters for concrete functions, abstract and interface methods must omit parameter! Comprises of a line is optional between a break and the revisions necessary have. May represent either structs ( with no space between the... and the revisions necessary to a! Rest google javascript style guide eslint are optional commented the same time with ` ) over complex string concatenation particularly! Indent when wrapping a @ desc or @ fileoverview comment generally recommended whenever a should... May sometimes be adjectives or adjective phrases instead ( for example, Request, ImmutableList, or types... Or compatibility information powerful and extendable linter available for JavaScript in JavaScript rules from style! On all classes, functions, or if it significantly improves readability rules and.... To infinite loops problems as array, it is good practice to use their fully qualified namespaces must not feasible... Jsdoc used by many JavaScript developers worldwide possible, within method bodies, sparingly to create cycles between ES in!

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