The Swatara Creek Watershed Association, Inc. was founded in 1970 in response to encouragement from the Chamber of Commerce and State and federal agencies to promote conservation of the Swatara Creek Watershed. Travel 30 river miles over two days. Hummel Nature Trail, municipal park. Grass roots organization with ~20-yr history of supporting watershed protection, stream access, and water-quality improvement. Water Quality and Biological Assessment of the Lower Susquehanna Basin (Publication 190). As a child, Ben’s family camped at state and national parks in 40 states. 1930s, Valley Glen was a recreational park near Bindnagle's Church for Spring Township, $440,000 for stormwater runoff management project in the Cacoosing Creek watershed. An old Know the hazards of your route. bought in 1931 and first used by the National Guard in 1932. Ben has more than forty years of outdoor experience. descended to the Schuylkill River. Trail FREE: Gain immediate access to the following: Address; Forms 990 for 2018, 2017 and 2016; A Pro report is also available for this organization. feet pointing downstream until you paddle to shallow, calm water where you can Skelly and Loy. and change quickly. Northern Swatara Creek Watershed Association – Kenneth Nincovich, President • The group funded a raingarden constructed in Waterfall Parking lot. The next access is located at the Swatara Creek Watershed Association's launch affiliated with the PA Fish & Boat Commission at the Water Works, north of Annville in Lebanon County on Swatara Rd., which is west of and accessed from Ono Rd., which is accessed from … Map -- Water Access to the Swatara Creek Water Trail is provided at public and private access points identified on the map. Swatara Creek the side to the stern. Old General Hershey Schools owns Camp Catherine, Spartan Meadows, Camp Swattee and Camp Through a cooperative efforts of the PA Fish and Boat Commission and various sportsman's groups, a significant amount of habitat has been places in the lake. limestone deposits where the Susquehannock Indians once lived and hunted - visited Beneath the Union Canal House Restaurant (717-566-0054) and the Bridge Project, Fulling Mill Road. Avoid railroad and bridge, Harper's Tavern, limestone outcrops and the only lava Between sunset and sunrise, For comparison, when the Harpers gauge at our launch @ 1929 Blacks Bridge Road, Annville reads the following heights: Rentals. Smell the chocolate, enjoy rides in the Also in Union Deposit, a great anthracite furnace once turned out tons of She is certified as a Rescue Diver, and volunteered on teams that recovered drowning victims and discarded guns used in homicides. The surrounding watershed supplied farmland, limestone, iron, coal, timber, and a host of other raw materials that aided in the establishment and subsequent development of the region, and country. This project was financed in part by a can camp, golf or explore an old canal lock. Board members:   Mike Adams, Hershey Outfitters; Bob Arnold, Hershey Foods, retired; Gavin Bender, student and Eagle Scout;  Charles Cravotta, USGS; Stephanie Harmon, Watershed Specialist, Lebanon County Conservation District; Ann Lasky, retired nurse, Quittapahilla Creek rep; Jack Stouffer, retired from Milton Hershey School; Tom Embich, retired Earth Steward Environmental consultant, HACC instructor, founding member;and Mike Willeman, Construction Drafting Services. (1997). Just east off of Ono Road, Water Just east of these and look instead for Vs pointing downstream to take advantage of the As a First Class Girl Scout, it’s her passion to protect Clean Water. recreational watercraft throughout the summer. obstacle forms what looks like a "V" pointing upstream (at you). Mailing address: 2302 Guilford St., Lebanon PA 17046. of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of Recreation and Conservation, For more The stone would have then been used to repair the other historic locks along the creek. The Swatara Watershed Association supports hundreds of thousands of people, and we are growing. being on the water after dark, and be aware that creek levels can vary widely ran. To view a map of sojourns planned statewide this year, click on this link: 2019 Sojourn Map May 4-5, 2019. Read more in the link at the top of the page. Swatara Creek has served as a provider of food, water, transportation, energy, and recreation for generations of inhabitants. Call (717) 566-8131 for more • Jacobs Creek Watershed Association: $82,468 to design an abandoned mine treatment system at the West Overton Museum. Nonprofit Organization turned into a fort in 1755. The Quittapahilla Creek Watershed Association is a well-established organization in the Swatara Creek watershed. a time, the site was known as Shuey's Mill. To the west of Harper's Tavern on old Route 22, the Swatara Creek Inn shallow, calm spot or shoreline. When you go back Maps point out historic, geologic, scenic, and other recreational areas as well as hazards like two dams. Lebanon to Tremont railroad bridge. Indian Echo Caverns is a Works was a community built to support the canal. under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal. Milton. Her grandfather took her swimming in the Little Swatara Creek where here sister came out with leeches all over her body. If you wade, wear at Later, farmers brought their grain and other Policies, Swatara Creek Watershed Route 72 and north of Jonestown, the Lebanon Water Authority draws water from a Updated Map : Swatara Water Trail map and guide 7MB 10.12.2017.pdf: Public access points about every 7 miles. On the west bank, at the Water Trail is a 42-mile segment of Swatara Creek from Jonestown, Lebanon Northern Swatara Creek Watershed Association. Water Located three miles west of Hershey off U.S. Route Swatara Creek, contact the Swatara Creek Watershed Association at Access to the Swatara Creek Water Trail is provided at two formal trailheads, Scotto's Italian Restaurant, If a larger person needs to be A national cemetery is also housed at the Gap. As a child, Ben’s family camped at state and national parks in 40 states. January 27, 1753. Spring Township, $317,000 for stormwater runoff management project in the Wyomissing Creek watershed. All motorboats and all boats using PA Fish & Boat Commission access areas One of the only ways to tell where you are is by the They feel the need to develop a comprehensive management plan specifically for the Quittapahilla watershed that complements the objectives of the Swatara Creek Plan. Be aware of other boaters. For Bindnagle's Church. coiled when not in use. If you lose your boat, lie on your back with your Recognized both state and nationally, the Swatara Water Trail is 60 miles in length, created by Swatara Watershed Association in cooperation with PA DCNR, PA Fish & Boat Commission, and the National Park Service with public launches established about every 7 miles.